Ever since I started programming in Magento/PHP, I had the need to find Magento blogs with useful tips and up-to-date information (Magento changes very quickly along with how things have to be done with it as well). After almost two years I’ve only found a few blogs that are up to date and useful. I want to share them with you.

Inchoo Best Magento blog ever. These people know what they do and explain it in a way that all of us can understand
Magento Quickies This blog was created by Alan Storm, you’ve heard of him, I’m sure. He’s the teachaaa
Mukesh Chapagain’s Blog Looking for Magento tutorials in Google you will have ended up in this blog more than once…
Magento Tutorials Simple, nice and useful Magento blog
ASchroder.com This guy is the author of one of the best Magento Performance tests ever!
Magento Speed Test Test your Magento performance! (this is not a blog… but I had to mention it)
Bloggento.fr This French Magento blog is super-complete. Not only programming but also news about Magento
MagentoFox This is a nice Magento blog with useful tips
MXWest@westwideweb.com Another useful Magento Blog

Do you follow other Magento Blogs that are ‘active’? Let us know!!

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Manish Patel · May 24, 2013 at 10:46 am

http://ka.lpe.sh also comes frequently when searching for Magento solutions.

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