Magento 2 includes many default modules that you probably won’t ever use. This is my proposed list and you can disable it directly using the following command:

bin/magento module:disable Magento_BraintreeGraphQl Magento_Analytics Magento_Marketplace Magento_QuoteAnalytics Magento_ReviewAnalytics Magento_AuthorizenetCardinal Magento_SalesAnalytics Magento_CustomerAnalytics Magento_Signifyd Magento_SampleData Magento_CatalogAnalytics Magento_Weee Magento_WeeeGraphQl Magento_WishlistAnalytics Dotdigitalgroup_Email Dotdigitalgroup_Chat Klarna_Core Klarna_Ordermanagement Klarna_Kp Yotpo_Yotpo 
Magento_*AnalyticsRequires a subscription
Magento_MarketplaceIf you’re a developer installing modules via composer, this is not necessary
Not necessary if you don’t use payment service provider
Magento_WeeeRelated to particular product taxes. Read the doc to see if you need it… but I don’t think so
Magento_SampleDataThis is just a demo sample data for Magento
Magento_SignifydFraud Protection which requires a subscription.
Klarna*A Payment Service Provider you might not need either
Dotdigital*A Marketing Platform tool. There are millions of them and you probably have one (or you will need to compare)
Yotpo*A Reviews Service. Not necessary unless you have an account with them. There are many of them.

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