Magento EE 1.13 is finally out (last version was released in December. The focus of this version has been performance, especially regarding indexing. These are good news, as our experience with indexing problems and performance during the last months has been really bad.

Reindex Section in Magento

Reindex Section in Magento

Magento CE 1.8 will follow soon, something completely necessary, as the last version was released in July 2012 (that means nearly 8 months without any updates, not even security updates)

The most important changes are the following ones. You can also see the complete list on the Magento Website:

  • Reindexing (Enterprise Edition only):
    • Most indexing processes now run only to update products, categories, URL redirects, and so on that have changed—eliminating the need for manual full reindexing
    • Your Magento web store is not locked at any point during reindexing
    • Reindexing is now a background process.
  • Caching (Enterprise Edition only):
    • Full page caching now invalidates only pages that are affected by product or category changes
    • Improved cache adapter for single-host systems
    • Additional option of using Redis NoSQL for cache and session storage in multi-host deployments (recommended for new deployments)
  • EE customers also get detailed performance and tuning guidelines geared toward enterprise installations
  • Sales, Value Added, and Fixed Product Tax calculations (Magento CE and EE):
  • Checkout performance (Magento CE and EE) achieved by:
    • Eliminating unnecessary calls to gift wrapping when loading the Shipping Method checkout step
    • Eliminating unnecessary RSS cache cleanups when RSS functionality is disabled
    • Eliminating unnecessary calls to the translation module when sending new order e-mails if the current locale is the same as the locale set in Magento
    • Improving the overall checkout process performance by loading the information for the current checkout step only
    • Improving the overall checkout process performance by loading the progress information for the current checkout step only

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MJW · July 4, 2013 at 11:06 pm

Make sure that if you are upgrading you Magento to EE 1.13 you look at the updates, and associated problems with, the catalog url’s. They are already developing and are set to release a couple of updates/fixes to help with this.

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