Magento had been using the same theme during years. It was cool at first… but time went on, web design changes and the initially cool theme ended up being something to get rid of as soon as you installed Magento from the scratch.

But this has finally changed and Magento CE 1.9 and EE 1.14 come with an updated theme, modern, nice, simple and… responsive!

Magento Theme 1.9/1.14

Magento Theme 1.9/1.14

Isn’t this cool? You can check it lively here. I’ve also find something interesting when browsing a product. When moving the mouse over the product image we get a zoom window that works pretty fine. I do remember this functionality on Magento EE edition, but not on CE one:

Product Image Zoom in Magento 1.9/1.14

Product Image Zoom in Magento 1.9/1.14

Besides this new brand responsive theme, I don’t see any major changes on this release (at least not at functionality level).

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