Default Magento 2 cookie consent functionality has a couple of issues:

  • First of all: it is not compatible with the European Law. This law actually asks for validation regarding all the type of cookies a website has. We need to differentiate which cookies are mandatory for the website functionality and which ones are not.
  • Secondly: it is buggy! It seems the selected option is not correctly saved and customers need to accept once and again the terms. Bad UX…

I’ve been looking for different options and ended up finding the Mirasvit Module Magento 2 Cookie Consent. We could say that it’s a bit expensive, but it offers a very flexible way to manage it (if we compare with solutions like CookieBot, it is clearly better to pay more at the beginning but forget about monthly fees).

  • It adds the typical cookie consent block where we can select either to accept all or configure
  • We can lock the screen before consent
  • We can create Cookie Groups, which makes the selection easier

Honestly, this is more than fair enough.

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