It’s been almost 4 years of Magento 2 development now. GitHub has been a great place to find modules off all types: sometimes the modules were great by themselves, sometimes they were just useful, and sometimes they helped me understanding how to do (or not to do) things.

I would like to share the modules I’ve used and provide a quick explanation for them. Please note that you can find a curated list not only for modules, but for many other Magento resources in the Alessandro Rochi repository known as mageres. All of this modules have been tested with Magento 2.4.2.

ElasticSuiteIt boosts Magento 2 navigation:
– Adds visual quick search results
– Visual merchandiser that has many different options for categories
– Boosters, Optimizers to work with search results and order categories/search according to them
– Virtual Categories
– Search Stats
Magepal/GoogleTagManagerAdds Google Tag manager container
The free version adds all the basics you need to track orders. The datalayer is very complete and will be enough for your needs. You may also consider yireo’s extension.
swissup/module-emailLet’s you use your own email provider and send email just configuring smtp. I’ve found this module much more stable that the one from Mageplaza.
creativestyle/magesuite-magepackI think this is one of the best options to bundle js in Magento Luma. It’s easy to understand how to use it and configure it.
OrderHistory M1If you don’t want to migrate your whole Magento 1 store to Magento 2 but you need to migrate only orders so that your old M1 customer can access them, this is your module. It saved me a lot of headaches when migrating from M1 to M2.
Clean Admin MenuIf you install a lot of third party modules that add their own menus everywhere, this extension will group them and let you manage whether they can be in that ‘extensions’ section or in the main menu navigation
justbetter/magento2-sentryUseful for developers: this module integrates with your magento. You get not only the full error stack of any error, but also data about the user. For example, we were having issues with customers not being able to pay with paypal: thanks to this module we could even know which customer was having trouble with it. Just great (or just better!).
web200/seoA very useful SEO module which adds:
– hreflang
– structured data
– opengraph data
much more…
faonni/salessequenceVery useful module to change how increment ids are created. Easy to use and I’ve found it super useful for dev environments which synchronize with external ERPs.
Customer Attribute ManagementMagento 2 Open Source does not let you manage Customer / Customer Address attributes. This module adds this option.
Sliding CartFor Luma, it adds the sliding cart feature out of the box. Pretty nice, but need to check about performance…
Owebia Advanced ShippingThis module is very powerful: it let’s you add many conditions when configuring shipping methods. However, it’s complicated to use and I have some concerns related to its performance.
Free Shipping Progress BarA free shipping progress bar for your Luma based Theme. Only 30$ to get free shipping!
Customer Group PaymentFilterAn easy module to restrict payment methods by customer group
PaymentFeeAdds the option of payment fee per payment method. The extension could be improved, but the basic works just fine.
Yireo / Whoops!A must have for developers. When there is an error, you get much more infomation about it.
developer-quickdevbarFor developers as well: get all the information about layouts, profiler, logs, etc. when developing
FakerA simple module to generate fake data
TemplateHintsA different way to get template hints: add a param to the url and you’ll get more information about your layout.

There are many other Magento 2 modules in Github. I’ve just shared the ones I’ve used in my projects. I’ve created another list with Hyvä compatible modules 🙂

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