People from bloggento have written a great article about what’s new in Magento 1.7 alpha. Let’s take a look!

  • Forms Captcha

Captcha is a security system for forms that basically prevents spam. The «one» that is filling the form has to prove that he or she is a human. Captcha helps with that. Now we’ll find this option inside: System » Configuration » Client » Configuration client

Captcha options in the backoffice

Captcha options in the backoffice

  • Price per client group

From now on it’s not going to be necessary to use the tier prices feature to set prices per client group. Magento 1.7 will bring this particular option that we’ll let us easily set different prices for different client groups.

Client group price option

Client group price option

I’m not completely sure whether this is really useful. It’s clear that this is a «must», but tier prices was clear enough to set prices per client group. Maybe now is more clear this way, but it adds complexity to the admin interface.

  • Coupon generation

Magento 1.7 will bring (at last!) an automatic coupon generator. This alpha version has the option, but it seems that it’s not working properly (it’s an alpha version, so that’s normal).

  • Complete Magento Backup

Up to Magento 1.6, the only option we had in order to backup our system was to backup the database. Magento 1.7 will bring the possibility to backup all our magento data and save it in the var/backup directory:

  • Magento files
  • Database
  • Media content
New backup tool

New backup tool

  • Returns management

Now clients will be able to manage order returns in a very easy way. This is not always a seller preference, but makes this operation easier most of the times it’s needed.

Returns dialog

Returns dialog

  • Index management system has been redesigned

This is one of the most important changes, above all because index management is one of the points that provokes more headaches among programmers. Now we’ll now whether we need to update or reindex and it seems that we’ll be able to solve those primary key problems (or not, we’ll see):

New index dialog

New index dialog

  • More feautures

There are other new features:

  • Paypal: new advanced payment methods have been added (also features related to particular countries like Japan)
  • Mobile theme: has been redesigned, now it’s cooler 😉
  • DHL Europe shipping method integration
  • Layered navigation: new options for the price step filter


It seems that Magento 1.7 will bring a lot of new things and we can be sure that the community version is still alive. You can download it from the main website:

Magento 1.7 Alpha 1 download

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